Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ice Climbing: Top Managed Anchors

The American Mountain Guides Association has been working together with Petzl and Outdoor Research to provide instructional videos. In this offering, AMGA Instructor Team Member Patrick Ormond demonstrates two systems that are widely used in top-managed ice climbing...

--Jason D. Martin

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Anonymous said...

What would be the plan if you lower someone and person doesn't have the string to climb up at all or if the person falls during you transition/transferring your ATC guide into rasing mode, during those 5-10 seconds, it's totally possible/. If one of those scenarios above happens you would ended up with fully loaded rope, ATC guide in breaking mode/. How would you eraise this now with the fully loaded rope, back up only by your autolock prussik/? This is realeted more to the guiding companies, which lower people that they are not professional climbers so one of those scenarios above could potentially occur. Thank you!