Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

Ah, the seasons are changing my fellow weekend warriors. In honor of this planetary shift I have included some videos of places to go and things to do during this fall season. Enjoy!

Our Red Rock season has begun! This world-class climbing locale is a short drive from Las Vegas and features a seemingly endless selection of routes. One of the classics is Frogland, a 6-pitch 5.8. The video even features some helmet cam shots which give you a good idea of what the rock texture is like.

The second video we have for you is a clip from the movie "First Descent". Watch Terje Haakonsen boldly descend where no man has descended before. Warning: This video may cause a sudden drop of the jaw, please ensure that all obstructions are clear.

The final video we have for you features some breathtaking shots of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Oh how I love time-lapse photography...probably the greatest invention since Hostess cupcakes.

Sierra Segment Trailer from Neil Gill on Vimeo.

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