Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

Welcome warriors to our weekend of weird. Yep, we've got a newscaster struggling, a robot sending and just to make sure our weirdness isn't too weird, we also have a couple of climbers deep in the Canadian wilderness ripping it up...

So apparently a sports reporter in Montana has a segment entitled, "How Hard Can it Be?" Yep, you know where this is going. In one segment he attempts indoor rock climbing. His white tube socks and red headband definitely did not help him to send. Check out this hilarious video below.

Okay, this one's a bit weird but also cool and very sci-fi. These dudes created a robot which can climb just about anything. This crazy contraption gives new meaning to the term, "sendbot."

Okay after that weirdness, we definitely need something to get you stoked. So check this out. This couple is in the Ghost River Valley of Alberta on a climb called Beowulf, WI4. The combination of the great music and the cool climbing is just what the doctor ordered to bring on the stoke!

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