Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to get you stoked!

Well Warriors, another weekend is upon us and I have decided to do something a little different this week.  I decided to mix it up with some other extreme outdoor sports.  I figured that all Weekend Warriors can appreciate beautiful scenery, insane athletes, and a healthy dose of pure adrenaline.  So grab your coffee, hold onto your armchair and use caution if you have high blood pressure, because these will get your blood pumping!

The first video features some very talented mountain bikers flying down dirt trails, defying gravity, and risking serious bodily harm all at the same time.  Enjoy!

If the first video didn't get that heart rate up than this one sure will.  I think that base jumping combined with these "squirrel suits" is the closest that humans have ever come to flying without using any type of motor.  Pure adrenaline and purely incredible.

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