Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to get you stoked!

Hello again Weekend Warriors,

I'm glad to see that we all made it through another week of work and I hope you all have plans to go frolic in that giant playground that is mother nature.  The videos we've got for you this week feature a type of climbing that makes most people shiver and squirm (including me) while at the same time put a sly masochistic smirk on the faces of a select few.  This is of course the dreaded (or loved) off-width climbing.

The first video features a burly, painful looking V8 off-width boulder problem.  The nature of the route allows for some great camera angles that showcase superb off-width jamming techniques.  The tranquil soundtrack also provides the perfect compliment to the immense pain I'm sure these climbers are going through.  Enjoy!

The second video is yet another off-width roof, this time a little higher above the ground.  This provides yet another look into various off-width techniques, including the upside-down, legs above you, no-hands rest...quite impressive if you ask me.  

The final video contains perhaps the most amazing climbing technique I have seen thus far.  This move must have taken years of dedication and training to perfect and should only be attempted by the most hard-core of the hard-core.  No camera trickery here, just pure, unfiltered talent.

-Dana Hickenbottom

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