Sunday, May 24, 2009

Denali Team 3 Establishes Cache beyond Windy Corner

Denali Expedition dispatches are normally posted on the "Daily Dispatches and Recent News" page of the AAI website.  On weekends, they are first published here.

The following dispatch was received from AAI’s third Denali expedition of the season.  Guide Angela Seidling called via satellite phone:


Friday, May 23, 1013pm

"Greetings from Team 3 on Denali.  We are spending one more night at Camp 2.  This morning we started out in good weather and with a dusting of snow from last night.  It was nice and chilly!  The plan for the day was to make a cache of supplies up around Windy Corner.


When we were about to leave camp our team member Carol Masheter, AKA the Silver Fox, started off with her traditional fox or wolf howl, and much to our delight and surprise we had enthusiastic and varied howls returned to us from quite a few different teams and camps.


Today we had more snow, wind, and clouds, sometimes one at a time and sometimes all at the same time.  After returning to camp, we had a great burrito dinner.


Here are a few personal messages:


Carol says hello to her sister Linda, and to her work mates, and to all her recreational friends. She says that all of you are in her thoughts.


Daniel is wondering if he is an uncle yet.


Ranjeet would like to tell Sharon and Andrea that he wishes they were here.”


At that point the rest of the message could not be understood because of a weakening satellite connection.  

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