Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking for Feedback - Our AMTL Video

We have recently had an individual create a video for us to promote our AMTL series.  Every time we watch it we think it's cool, but are having a harder and harder time talking about it critically.

We want to know what you think.  So please let us know!  Would this video psych you up to take our Alpine Mountaineering and Technical Leadership series? What would psych you up more?  What doesn't work?  Check out the video below and let us know:

American Alpine Institute from John Grace on Vimeo.

--Jason D. Martin


  1. Fantastic! Is this the two week course?

  2. This is the 12 day course that covers both glacier travel and rock climbing. It is the first of three 12 day courses that take you from being a beginning level climber to a high level of expertise.


  3. I totally dig it! Great vid. I am totally psyched on that course after watching the video.

  4. Video is good change the music to something harder more exciting. Content is good music is bad.

  5. Video is good change the music to something harder more exciting. Content is good music is bad.

  6. I did AMTL 1 in 2008, had a blast, and am hooked!

    Altogether a good video that could fly pretty well as is - a few ideas I think could make it great:

    1 - I like the pictures in the office, etc. at the beginning, but it might be a bit more gripping to first jump to something a bit more catching, like a rope team skirting around the shrund, self arrest, crevasse fall, etc. Could also appreciate that you're trying to not scare away novices in the first 10 seconds...

    2 - the middle section gets a little disjointed feeling - lots of activities, some of which seemed to blur into one another - might take care of video for each topic prior to cutting to the next?

    Really go though - would probably work as is...

  7. As a recent AMTL 1 alum (2010), one thing that made the course for me were my two AAI guides. Would highlight them more somehow in this promo video (which was def cool). Goes without saying the quality of instruction, experience, and scenery were "bomber" and were everything I expected knowing AAI's well-deserved reputation. But what really stood out for me looking back on the trip, above all else, were our guides for those two weeks.

    P.S. No love for the van?

  8. Love it. I would totally take the course.

  9. Not video-related, but I'll echo the above comment - the guides for AMTL 1 were outstanding, and I still stay in touch with them today. Every contact I've had with AAI over the years has been great from beginning to end - really a well-run, professional organization.


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