Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Warrior - Videos to get you STOKED!!!

Winter is still holding strong in much the US.  However, I know there are those of you out there who have already taken a trip or two to warmer climes to get a jumpstart on your climbing this year.  Hopefully this will give the rest of you that extra boost to get out there.

Salomon puts out some great skiing clips throughout the season.  Their latest edition again highlights a combination that is becoming more and more common - skiing and flying.

In case you are one of those folks who aren't quite ready to put away their skis, here's a nice one from ski mountaineer Vivian Bruchez.

AAI will be running our 6-day Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering course later on this spring.  We have slots open in our May 12-17 course, and are still looking for enough skiers to confirm our earlier courses.  If you are interested in joining us for one of these, check out our Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering page or email me at

Have a great weekend! - James

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