Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Follow Through - Ski Mountaineer Caroline Gleich

Caroline Gleich is considered Utah's most controversial skier. This name is unfortunately a product of a misogynistic ski culture. She is a social media star and model that can be seen on billboards throughout Utah. This has caused "haters" to come out of the woodwork.

Caroline proved her prowess by being the first woman to complete every ski descent in the cult classic guidebook, The Chuting Gallery.

The following film is about Caroline and her quest to complete all the descents in The Chuting Gallery and to prove to both herself and the world, that she is not just a ski model, but that she is a world class ski mountaineer.

It should be noted that Caroline was mentored by AAI guide Liz Daley. Liz was tragically killed in an avalanche in Argentina in 2014. Liz makes an appearance in the video.

Outside magazine has looked closely at the culture of misogyny toward female adventure athletes. Indeed, they used some of the things that Caroline has dealt with as a jumping off point to try to understand online harassment. You can read the article about Caroline and cyberstalking, here.

--Jason D. Martin

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