Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop - 11/2/2012

Time to reward those that are loyal to all things snowy…...

For those of you unfamiliar with The Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop (NSAW), it is an all-day seminar in Seattle with speaker's from all over North America all speaking to a common theme. It is a great way to start your snow season with an emphasis on safety, while having one heckuva great time!

This year the theme is, " Accidents, Surprises, and Near Misses".

Talks are no longer than 35 minutes, the breaks are long, and their are a TON of venders offering Pro Deals for participants (BCA, Brooks Range, Mammut, etc.). At the end of the day there is an after party on premise with FREE BEER (New Belgium), Smoked Salmon, Pizza, and a few other munchables.

The great part is that you don't have to sacrifice too much sleep to attend. NSAW starts at 9:00am the morning AFTER the switch to Daylight Savings. Yup, an extra hour of sleep to bank for your drive. Parking is FREE on the UW campus for NSAW, and children under 16 are FREE as well.

Go to the link below and click on Get Tickets

Click on Enter a Password or Discount Code

Type in active, all lower case

Purchase your ticket and save some money ( you can then spend it on raffle tickets cuz there will be over $10,000 in gear!)

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