Friday, October 19, 2007

New Route Established on Chimborazo

AAI's new route on Chimborazo, highlighted in red.

Almost all ascents of Ecuador's 20,703-foot Chimborazo have been done by one of four routes on the mountain's southeast side, all of which are now dangerously out of shape and subject to severe rockfall. Last spring, we successfully scouted a new route on the north side of the mountain that will provide us with a much safer route to the summit. It also has the advantage of ending on the main summit, Whymper Peak (20,703'), and avoiding the soft snow traverse across the vast, 20,000-foot summit plateau from Ventimilla Peak (20,539') where the other routes culminate.

A closer look at Chimborazo's north face.

Our new north face route is very aesthetic: it offers high quality snow and ice climbing and a wilderness experience. We'll be using horses to carry our gear to base camp, which adds to the sense of remoteness and adventure.

Climbers receiving instruction on Chimborazo's flanks.

For more information, please visit our Ecuador High Altitude Expedition website. No previous climbing experience necessary for this expedition. You can also email or call our International Programs Coordinator, Andy Bourne, at or at 800-242-2249.

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