Thursday, November 8, 2007

AAI guide Peter Kuhnlein buys photography and film studio

So, what do guides do when they're not guiding? Many of them are photographers, like AAI guide Peter Kuhnlein. Peter and his wife, Lisa, just bought and moved into a new photo and film studio in Anacortes, WA. They specialize in wedding, portrait, commercial, artist, and stock photography - check out their website: Peter also does film work - one of his most interesting projects is he and Lisa's current assignment of traveling around the world and filming the traditional foods of indigenous people. This project is funded by the Center for Indigenous Peoples Nutrition and Environment. So far, they have been to Micronesia, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, China, India, Thailand, Bella Coola Canada, and the NW Territories. In May, the husband and wife team will be traveling to Baffin Island for more filming. Way to go Peter!

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