Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

If you're at home on a weekend, you're probably bored and want to be out climbing or skiing. Same with us. But if the weather's bad, if there are family or work obligations and you can't make it out, then what's better than dreaming about it? So we've decided to create a new weekly post for all of us stuck at home.  Every Saturday we're going to link at least three climbing, skiing or mountaineering videos to this blog... Enjoy!

--A few years ago Dan Osman soloed the 3 pitch 5.7, Bear's Reach, in just over four minutes. Watch it here.

--A group of boulderers shot this video entitled Thru the Looking Glass. This three and a half minute film nails the essence of climbing in a way few writers and filmmakers have.

--This one will make your hands sweat. Will Gadd climbs an iceberg. The video is especially sketchy because it seems like the thing is going roll over and drown him at any second. Watch it here.

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