Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

Alright warriors, it's the weekend and it's time to get stoked! This week we're getting stoked over Red Rocks; we're getting stoked over bacountry pow. And we're getting stoked over twinkies...

First up, we have a nice little video to get you psyched about climbing in the desert. A crew of college students made a spring break road-trip to Red Rock Canyon and came up with the following video. It's quite a dramatic little piece of work.

Those who are sensitive to foul language should avoid this video. Though the expletives are not gratuitous, one can hear a word here or there in the background.

This week the snow began to fly at the higher elevations in the Pacific Northwest. It's a bit early and the likelihood of that snow staying around is a bit unlikely. However, the spray-masters on websites like and can't shut-up about it. You'd think it had snowed four feet, not an inch. That said, we're all psyched for the Northwest backcounty season to start. This video provides a little taste of what's to come.

And probably thought it was a little weird when we wrote that you would get stoked over twinkies, so let us explain. Many of you know that AAI Guide Jason Martin is also a playwright and screenwriter. He was recently invited by 911 Media Arts in Seattle to participate with them in a 48 Hour Film competition as a screenwriter. In other words, their team (led by his brother and producer of the project, Eli Martin) was provided a series of things that they must use in a film. Once they received their list of items they were required to write, shoot and edit the film all in 48 hours.
  1. The theme they were provided was, "a world dangerously disconnected from its food source."
  2. They were required to use a burlap sack as a prop.
  3. Their genre was roadtrip movie.
  4. They had to get the line, "it doesn't have to be that way" into the script.
  5. At least one character had to be named Rick Dickonson and he had to be a grocery store manager.
  6. Their film could be no more than three minutes long.
They felt that the easiest way to accomplish all this was to produce a movie trailer instead of an actual movie. So like most mediocre artists they ripped off people who did it better. Watch carefully for allusions to Saw, Alien and The Birds.

There are images in this video that some might find disturbing.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way! from Eli Martin on Vimeo.

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