Saturday, November 1, 2008

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to Get You Stoked!

Happy Saturday Warriors!

Today we have two freakishly phenomenal videos. Of course to keep things interesting we have a bit of variety. First we'll visit Yosemite Valley and second, we'll take a tour of the Waddington Range. Yup. Rock climbin' and skiin', that's what you came here for!

In the summer of 2005 Lynn Hill and Katie Brown made the first female "free" ascent of the West Face (V 5.13b/c A0), Leaning Tower, Yosemite. In the following video we see Lynn and Katie's climb and learn all about the challenges they faced on the Leaning Tower.

Nothing gets us psyched like watching the best skiers in the world drop some down some of the steepest and most breathtakingly beautiful terrain around. In the next video, watch world class skiers mess around in the stunning Waddington Range of B.C.

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