Monday, December 1, 2008

Article Wrap-Up

The following instructional and informational articles have been published on the American Alpine Institute's blog. We strive to provide the best and most up to date information about climbing techniques in our courses as well as in our articles. On the first Monday of every month we post an up to date version of this list.

A Brief Discussion of Altitude Illness
Alpine Efficiency
Americans in the Outdoors
Anatomy and Strength of a Carabiner
Autoblocking Devices
Bang Bang go the Boots!
Belay Glove Confession
Belaying a Leader with a GriGri
Best Climber Eats!
Blister Prevention
Bolting: What's the Big Deal?
Changing My Story
Choosing a Solo Tent
Climbing and Failure
Climbing and Mountaineering in Space
Climbers are Funny
Climbing Class and Grade
Climbing Commands
Conserving Your Favorite Crag: What You Need to Know
Crevasse Rescue Review
Down Vs Synthetic
Expedition Sled Rigging
Finger Injuries in Climbing
Glove Systems
Guide's Olympics
How Good is that Bolt?
How to Fit a Backpack
Human Waste Disposal in the Alpine
Ice Climbing in Washington
Ice Tool Placement
Important Glacial Features
Jetboil vs. Whisperlite
Mount Baker by the Numbers
Non-Event Feedback Loops
Popular Anchor Antonyms
Raynaud's Disease
Reality TV and Mountain Guiding
Red Rock Geology
Rethinking the Camelbak
Route Profile: Epinephrine
Route Profile: Inspiration Peak's East Ridge
Route Profile: Mount Whitney's East Buttress
Route Profile: North Ridge of Mount Baker
Route Profile: South Arete of South Early Winter Spire
Rock Climbing Styles
Rope Flossing
Snake Bite -- First Aid and Prevention
Snow Anchor Options
Somethin' About Nothin': Kelly Cordes on Alpinism
Steve House Rupal Face Clothing System
Steve House Rupal Face Equipment
The Best Route on Forbidden?
The "Burrito" Hypothermia Wrap
The Cascade Bushwack Rating System
The Coolest Place You've Never Heard Of...
The Dangers of Glissading
The Figure-Eight Follow-Through
The Haunted Hut of Ecuador
The Importance of Being Prepared
The In-Between Time
The Murder of the Impossible
The Problem with Water
The Prusik Hitch
The Seasonality of Mountaineering
The Thankless Job of the Guidebook Author
The Worst Climbing Movies Ever
Toproping Sport Climbs
Travel Safety in a Developing Country
Understanding Fall Factors
Waterfall Ice Climbing: Cold and Scary or Quite the Contrary?
What's Up with Rock Shoes?

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