Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to get you stoked!

Ahhh, the time is upon us again.  The time of week when we, the Weekend Warriors, can shed our work clothes in exchange for the respective gear of our favorite outdoor endeavors.  Since March is coming to a close and Spring has officially begun, at least according to the calendar, I wanted to feature some great Northwest traverses in hopes of getting everyone stoked for the coming Spring and Summer climbing season!  Whoohoo sunshine!

The first video features a traverse of the Northern Pickets of the Cascades.  This documents a trip up to Challenger then around the Luna Cirque.  If you're looking to escape the crowds this summer this is the place to head.  Enjoy!

The second video is the famous Ptarmigan Traverse.  This has been on my tick-list for quite some time and this video reaffirms why I want to do it so badly.  Beautiful scenery, lots of peak bagging opportunities, incredible vistas, wildlife sightings, the list goes on and on....

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