Friday, April 24, 2009

Mount Redoubt Update

Steaming from the summit lava dome at Redoubt on April 21, 2009
Photographer: Janet Schaefer

--Update on Mount Redoubt - Climbing Affects

Although the lava dome at the summit of Redoubt has slowed, experts expect activity to continue for weeks maybe even months to come. As climbers, there are a few effects from the eruption to be keeping in mind while climbing in the Alaska Range.

Throughout the eruption a decent amount of ash has deposited in the surrounding peaks, including Denali. This will affect climbers, as they will be forced to dig deeper into the snow pack in order to find clean drinking water.

Avalanche danger will also be increased due to the dark coloration of the ash. The ash will absorb more sunlight than usual causing the snow to be much heavier and prone to slides.

On the bright side, the ash has become a source of income as one local Alaskan entrepreneur attempts to sell bags of ash for $250.00 per pound on e-bay.

Again, we haven’t received any indication of an impact on the AAI Alaska season and we are looking forward to climbing in the Alaska Range as usual.

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