Monday, July 13, 2009

Jeff's Flying High Photo Extravaganza

AAI Backpacking Guide and pilot, Jeff Ries, took a trip to fly out over the Rockies and got some great photos for y'all to enjoy. Also included is a current photo of the Bugaboos and what the Bugs look like in August. Lastly there is a photo showing the present conditions of the Muir snowfield on Mount Rainier. Check 'em out.

Mt. Temple 11,621 Near Lake Louise

Mt Athabasca on the Banff/Jasper border

Bow Lake with the Wapta Icefield from saturday

Mt Assiniboine, 11870 ft, east face

North face Mt Assiniboine with lake Magog near base

Mt Athabasca, Andromeda and the Athabasca glacier leading up to
the Columbia icefield.

Current Conditions in the Bugs

Bugs in August

Present condition of the Muir snowfield on Rainier

--Photos by AAI Backpacking Guide, Jeff Reis

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