Friday, August 7, 2009

Altitude: A Tribute to Ryan Triplett

AAI just received the following press release about a local Bellingham Artist and her show that was designed as a tribute to her son who was killed in a climbing accident:

oil paintings by Trish Harding

Blue Horse Gallery

301 W. Holly Street

Bellingham, Wa. 98225

Fri. Sept. 4-25, 2009

Artist Reception, Fri. Sept. 4th, 6pm-10pm

Altitude, a landscape art show by Trish Harding that asks the viewer to take a visual journey from Bellingham, WA to Mazama, WA. This show is inspired by the life and death of the artist’s beloved son Ryan Triplett. Ryan was killed in a rock climbing accident at Goat Mountain on Sept. 7, 2008. Trish’s hope is to get the word out about this show to the climbing community throughout the Northwest, not just as a tribute to Ryan, but to bring climbers together and continue the dialogue of “risk” that rock climbing is all about.

(In fact,) as researchers are discovering, the psychology of risk involves far more than a simple "death wish." Studies now indicate that the inclination to take high risks may be hard-wired into the brain, intimately linked to arousal and pleasure mechanisms, and may offer such a thrill that it functions like an addiction. The tendency probably affects one in five people, mostly young males, and declines with age. It may ensure our survival, even sur our evolution as individuals and as a species. Risk taking probably bestowed a crucial evolutionary advantage, inciting the fighting and foraging of the hunter gatherer.

"We can do amazing things on occasion, like the times we climbed outside of ourselves, reaching stupendous heights way beyond our norm because we listened to some other voice in our heads or we had to in order to survive."

For more information about Ryan and the artist please see the attachments and the following links:

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