Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to get you stoked!

There are some very high quality climbing films out there. What makes them high quality? Well one thing is the production values. It's fun to watch climbers that have been filmed by people who know what they're doing. Following are two trailers for films that were shot and edited by such artists.

First, we have a trailer for the new film, Extreme Climbing: Beyond Gravity. This film showcases world-class climbers in different disciplines including rock, ice, aid, alpine, big-wall, bouldering and free-soloing.

Narrated by acclaimed climber and author Greg Child, this internationally praised and multiple award-winning documentary features many of North America's top climbers including Peter Croft, Lynn Hill, Barry Blanchard, Katie Brown, Sean Isaac, Nancy Feagin, Joe Josephson, Steve House, Abby Watkins and many others.

And second, we have the trailer from a British film entitled, Psyche. This film features the best of British climbers including Steve McClure, Andy Kirkpatrick, Ian Parnell and Dave Birkett. And it explores a number of avenues of climbing from hard trad to big mountains to hard sport.

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