Friday, September 24, 2010

North Cascades Backpacking Trip

This summer the American Alpine Institute was proud to run a backpacking trip deep in the North Cascades. The small group had phenomenal weather and found spectacular views throughout the trip.

AAI Backpacking Guide Jeff Ries ran this trip deep into the mountains and returned with a lot of great photos. Following is a photo essay from the trip:

When the Backpackers arrived with this view they began to serenade
Mt. Challenger with songs from the Sound of Music

An evening fire provides an opportunity to learn about living in
all the different countries represented by those on the trip

An cable car is used to get across the Chilliwack river by backpackers in the North Cascades National park

lChallenger Glacier is a great backdrop for a hike up to Tapto Lakes

The enchanted Tapto Lakes area on a high alpine shelf was the highlight of this year's
backpacking trip deep in the North Cascades

The Challenger Glacier makes for a great backdrop when backpacking up to the Taptoe Lakes

Crossing clear mountain streams deep in the North Cascades National park
(Brush Creek near Whatcom Pass)

Newlyweds Marlies and Oscar from the Netherlands take a break
and admire Ruth Mountain

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--Jason D. Martin

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