Tuesday, October 12, 2010

AAI Weddings and Babies

It was a busy summer at the American Alpine Institute, and I'm not just talking about busy from the perspective of mountain climbing. During the warm months, a number of our guides had significant personal changes in their lives. Three AAI guides were married and one had a baby.

AAI guides Kurt Hicks, Andy Bourne and Dana Hickenbottom all got married this summer! And AAI guide Mary Harlan had a beautiful baby boy! 

Here is a short photo essay of this summer's weddings and babies.

Kurt and Noelle getting hitched by a guy who really loved the idea of using 
climbing as a metaphor in his sermon.  I don't think anyone anywhere has ever used climbing as a 
metaphor for anything before.  But we could be wrong...
Photo by Alasdair Turner

Kurt and Noelle trying to Escape from Alasdair and His Camera
Photo by Alasdair Turner

Here is a picture of Andy and Ann who decided that a good wedding picture must include a fire truck.
And who doesn't love a fire truck?
Photo by Former AAI Guide Matthew Anderson

Here is a picture of Dana and Monica who decided that a good wedding picture
should NOT include a fire truck, but should include train tracks.

And who doesn't love trains?  We thought it would have been funny if
there was a train coming in the background...apparently they didn't agree...

Mary's Significant Other with their new Baby in Indian Creek
If there is one thing is for sure, that baby is going to be a very very very good climber!

Sam was born on August 27th.  He was six pounds, five ounces.  And as you can see, he is very little and very cute!

Congrats to all the guides who have had major changes this year!

--Jason D. Martin

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Beautiful images of this wedding. Couple look so great together.