Friday, June 24, 2011

St. Elias Expedition: June 12 – 25 Dispatch #8
Flying Out

St. Elias Expedition:  June 12 – 25 

Guide:  Tom Kirby

Climbers:  Carmie Hull (Del Mar, California), Doug Wilson (Aloha, Oregon)

Tom Kirby called in with the following dispatch at 3:00pm on June 24th:

“Hi! It’s Tom again. Today we flew out from the glacier at about 11 this morning. It looked like a warm front was settling in, so we decided to fly out today rather than risk the bad weather from missing our chance out. Right now, we’re at the lodge hanging out until 5 – that’s when our pilot will com take us back to Chintina. We’ll probably camp somewhere around there or between there and Anchorage, then make the rest of the drive to anchorage the next day. In any case, we really had a great trip! Yesterday was a great way to end it. We could see everything and it was unreal. Depsite the trouble with warm weather and snow conditions, we made the most of it, and really enjoyed each other’s company. I had a fantastic time. I’ll call again tomorrow just to confirm we’re home safe.”

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