Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Warrior: Videos to Get You Stoked!

A few weeks ago we showed a somewhat extreme BASE-jumping video. We received a handful of emails after that video about basejumping.

We are sorry if we offended anyone by saying things like, "BASE-jumping is a fringe sport." Or "BASE-jumping is googly-eye crazy." Or for saying that BASE-jumpers are "absolutely nutso." We know that people say those things about climbers too, and we know that those comments just not true.


ou guys are nuts!

I mean, I'm sorry if I offended anyone. Especially you, Tom. Tom Dancs is a former AAI guide and an all around great guy. Tom is a major proponent of BASE-jumping and has lobbied to change the rules in order to allow BASE-jumping in national parks. I had the pleasure to work with him once or twice while he was here and know for a fact that he's not crazy. It must just be the rest of those basejumpers. They're the adrenaline freaks...!

Or maybe I'm stereotyping, like others do about climbers.

Naw. That couldn't possibly be it. I'm wayyyy to open-minded to be prejudiced against those crazy, absolutely out-of-their-minds, BASE-jumpers...

Anyway, enough about my thoughts. Tom was recently featured in an excellent film on BASE-jumping entitled, "Right Here, Right Now." Enjoy!

Right Here, Right Now from Crest Pictures on Vimeo.

-Jason D. Martin

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