Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Warrior - Videos to get you STOKED!!!

Well, boys and girls, winter is upon us (at least here in the Pacific Northwest). The calendar may say it has a while yet, but there are a couple ladies - Mother Nature and La NiƱa - who say otherwise. We had our first Winter Weather Advisory Wednesday night/ Thursday morning, and the forecast is for more this weekend.

So if you aren't in that frame of mind yet, here's something that should push you over the edge: The Provo brothers, Ian and Neil, swimming through the powder of Retallack, BC. The clip is a little longer than our normal ones, so grab a cup of something hot and a handful of that leftover Halloween candy, and enjoy.

Caution kiddies, the guys are so stoked at one point there are a couple expletives dropped, so it's earmuffs for you.

P.S. - We hope to see you at the Northwest Avalanche Center Benefit tonight, Saturday, Nov. 5, at Chair 9 in Glacier. They'll be showing the film "Solitaire" by Sweetgrass Productions and holding a raffle, and we'll have a table set up showing off our new fleet of rentable Voile Splitboards. Be sure to come by and say "Hi"!

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