Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend Warrior - Videos to get you STOKED!!!

Here's a great video about someone who truly loves the world of climbing. Someone who calls a camper his home, and his back yard is Indian Creek. To have you own Moab climbing experience, be sure to check out our Guided Climbing Trips in Moab!

With the crazy weather we've had here in the PNW, we've been getting hit with dumptruck loads of snow. Here's a local vid showcasing the great snow we've been getting. As an added bonus, you get some quick and easy cooking tips thrown in there! Bon app├ętit!

Well, that's two videos of guys living in their trucks. Unfortunately I couldn't find a third of the same caliber, so how about something tasty from the good folks at Salomon and their latest from a trip up to our neighbors in the north.

And lastly, here's a highlight from the UAII Ice Climbing World Cup in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Pretty sweet!

Have a great weekend!

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