Monday, April 30, 2012

The Alaska Season Has Begun!!!!

AAI climbers Maria Conceicao and Chris Heywood recently flew into Denali Basecamp on the Kahiltna glacier.  They are accompanied by AAI guide Aili Farquhar, who will be training Maria and Chris before they begin their Denali expedition.

Maria, Chris, and Aili at Basecamp.  Currently Basecamp appears rather quiet, however it will soon be flourishing with climbers attempting to reach Denali's summit.

On April 29th, they rest of their team will meet them on the glacier, along with their guides Alasdair Turner and Chad Cochran.  Alasdair couldn't help but hitch an early ride into the Alaska Range to take a few photos, and snapped the following pictures.

The team, alongside one of K2 Aviation's de Havilland Turbine Otter.  This 10 seater bush plane flies aspiring climbers and their gear into the AK range.
Alasdair snapped this excellent photo and his way out of the Alaska Range.    
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--Andrew Yasso

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