Monday, July 15, 2013

Three-Day Mt. Baker Summit Climb

I just got back from a three day work trip up Mt Baker. We had amazing weather and almost perfect conditions. If anything it was possibly a little hot for me, but most days seem to be a little warm for me. Day one consisted of gear check, driving to the trailhead and hiking into our camp.

The hike in.

A camp caretaker.

The hike in.

Excited to be at camp?


Day two consisted of skills practice. We started with snow school which consists of snow walking and ice axe use and moves into self arrest.

Self arrest practice.

After lunch we worked on roped glacier travel and took a tour of the glacier.

The ice fall.

We ended the day with a little crevasse rescue training, after lowering one of the group into a crevasse.

Using the drop C to rescue a team member.

Day 3 was summit day and started at 2am when my alarm went off. I started by shooting a couple of photos of the summit.

The long walk uphill.

A cloud cap covered the mountain most of the day and we climbed into it.

Steam rises from the crater about 1000ft below the summit.

Into the clouds.

Above the crater.

Signing the summit log.

Summit Gu!


We took the scenic route down and stopped at one of the best overlooks in the lower 48.

--Alasdair Turner, Instructor and Guide

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