Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend Warrior - Videos to get you STOKED!!!

Xavier de le Rue is at it again with this new trailer for his upcoming film, "Degrees North". The first portion, which is seen in this trailer, was filmed last March in Svalbard, Norway. The team used paramotors (think paragliders with big fans on the back) to access the remote terrain.

Alexander Feichter has been busy ticking off a few hard climbs in Southtyrol, a couple of 8c's and a self-bolted 9a "Witch of Darkness." But his first climb caught on film is the 8c Flogiston, which he makes look much easier.

Stephanie Bodet calls slab climbing a"form of meditation in motion - a yoga of the rock."  Her poetic and passionate vision of climbing is seen in this short film, "Of the rock I asked for the moon" while climbing Octogenese in Corsica.

Have a great weekend! - James

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