Monday, March 9, 2015

The Rookie at Red Rock Rendezvous

Today I got the big news!  After dropping hints left and right, making my case for why it is important to my new career, my personal growth, my social life, and my spiritual wellbeing.  Explaining how it would not only make me better at my job but a better individual, a better citizen of this country, and at the very least a better rock climber.  I--the new girl in the office--will be going to RED ROCK RENDEZVOUS!

            For years I have heard the myths and legends surrounding the most infamous rock climbing festival in the country…dare I say world?!  Famous celebrity climbers, courses and clinics, a dyno competition, stupid human tricks, rock climbing (obviously) but also mountain biking, yoga, slack lining and if the rumors are true…an epic dance party!

            I’ve heard that every year it gets better and better.  I’ve heard that my whole life I have been missing out.  I’ve heard that after you experience Rendezvous life is never the same.  I’ve read the stories; I’ve seen the photos.  I’ve heard that I’ll come out of the weekend being a solid 5.12 climber.  Ok, maybe the last part is a little far fetched but I’m hoping for the best.

            And now, this is the year that I’ll finally be able to see for myself!  Stay tuned to see if the rumors are all true.  Now, it’s time to step up my training…not only at the climbing gym but also on the dance floor, the bike, and at the brewery.  I may be the rookie at Rendezvous but my excitement is off the charts.  Need proof?  This is how stoked I was to lead my first trad climb in Red Rock a few years ago.  See you in the desert at the end of March—if not, I’ve heard you’ll be missing out.

Lily in Red Rock

--Lily Hickenbottom, Southwest and Foreign Programs Coordinator

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gary hickenbottom said...

it might Lily's first time at the rendezvous but she's no rookie. she's got my 'hard core' seal of approval.