Friday, January 10, 2020

Ten Tips for Powder Skiing in the Backcountry

One of the primary reasons that people wish to ski the backcountry is because they want to ski powder. The problem is that the first time people go out-of-bounds, it can be really difficult. Skiing powder is hard, until you understand some of the tricks and techniques.

This video provides ten excellent tricks to dial in your powder skiing.

In review:
  1. Make sure you have the right kind of skis. The should be at least 100mm underfoot.
  2. Ski dust on crust. Thin powder cover can help you develop your powder skills.
  3. Skiing Position. When you practice on light powder, think about your stance.
  4. Skis should be closer together than they are on the slope normally.
  5. Start out your powder tours on short runs or small sections of powder, where you have the energy to hold your stance and do a good job.
  6. Practice pumping up and down on a mellow pitch of terrain while going slow. This will help when you move on to turns. Transition to turns with the pump on easy terrain.
  7. After you practice pumping in the snow, practice turning when the skis are on top of the snowpack.
  8. Pole Planting. Keep the poles out front. Plant right after finished with turn to rotate around pole into the next turn.
  9. Turn with the terrain. For example, if you're on top of a roller, take advantage and make a turn.
  10. Do big turns. This decreases the amount of work you have to do on each turn.
--Jason D. Martin

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