Monday, February 8, 2021

Skin Care for your Ski Skins when in the Backcountry

Climbing skins for your skis are an essential part of backcountry skiing. But they are also a piece of gear that are maybe not thought about or respected as much as they should be given how important they are to your day out.

Following is a short video from the AMGA and Outdoor Research on skin care during a backcountry ski or splitboard outing.

There are a lot of excellent tips in the video and you should definitely watch the whole thing, but here is a round-up of some main points.

--Keep skins warm and dry, dog-hair and pine-needle free.
--Do not leave them in the sun or too close to the fire.
--The glue backer is nice for summer storage.
--Have "bips" and "bops" to repair the tip and tail.

--Jason D. Martin

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