Monday, July 27, 2009

The WhisperLite Camp Stove

Though many guides have upgraded to the Jetboil or the MSR Reactor, the WhisperLite remains the workhorse of backcountry cooking. The reason? It can be fixed. No matter how old a Whisperlite is, it can always be fanagled into working.

Sometimes these stoves require extra care. Older WhisperLites may actually require quite a bit of extra work. Some may even require work for every use...but they will work...

Following is a short video on how to run an MSR WhisperLite stove:

--Jason D. Martin


Anonymous said...

Other stoves (like the Jetboil, PocketRocket, or Reactor) can't be repaired, but this isn't an issue because they don't break. They're also lighter and easier to use.

ExtraHyperActive said...

I've been using MSR WhisperLite, but I have to agree with anonymous : Jetboil is lighter,easier and faster to use.