Monday, July 22, 2013

Things Climbers Say

About a year ago there was an internet meme that looked at the stupid things that people say in a variety of different venues. They were almost universally titled, "Sh#t (name-your-group) Say." Not to be outdone by triathletes or emo girls, a few climbers put together the following videos on "sh#t climbers say."

The language in these videos is a little harsh, so if you're offended by the "f" word, I'd probably avoid watching these today.

This first video appears to have been shott Smith Rock and is very much about the sport climbing experience.

This next video is pretty gym heavy.

This last video is about what people say to climbers. In some ways it is the funniest of the three.

--Jason D. Martin

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ilikewinter said...

Totally gonna "stick it" on The Most Epic Trip FB page (with AAI beta for credit). ;)