Monday, August 3, 2020

How To: Partner Check

In this video, Julia Chanourdie goes through all the elements of a partner check before climbing:

The elements of the partner check are as follows:

  • The harness should be well-adjusted and above the hips.
  • Ensure that the buckles are threaded properly.
  • If the harness requires a double-back, confirm that it is doubled-back.
  • Confirm that the knot is properly tied.
  • Confirm that it has been tightened.
  • Confirm that it is through both tie-in loops.
Belay System
  • If using a assisted breaking device (GriGri), confirm that the rope is threaded properly.
  • If using a tube-style device, confirm that the carabiner has captured the rope.
  • Confirm that the carabiner is connected to the belay loop.
  • Confirm that the carabiner is locked.
  • If using an assisted breaking device, confirm the function of the device by pulling on the rope.
  • Confirm that there is a knot in the end of the rope to close the system.
--Jason D. Martin

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