Friday, October 5, 2007

Last day in Red Rock . . . sniff, sniff, sigh.

Natasha enjoys perfect holds.

It was a warm, windy morning in the campground this morning. I was excited after seeing what Pine Creek had to offer yesterday . . . what could today hold??? After scraping the last bit of coffee from the can, we were off.

Oh no! No more coffee!

It was really windy, which made me wish I had bought a Buff from the gear shop before I left. Buffs are these really cool accessory items that can be used as a headband, beanie, or hair tie. I bet you can also get them wet to keep you cool when climbing in sunny places like Red Rock. I’m getting one when I get home!

Kurt prepares for our next climb.

While the setting of Willow Springs wasn’t as aesthetic as Pine Creek, the approaches to the climbs were marvelously short and easy, making it a nice change of pace in more than one way. We started on a nice 5.7 route on the Outhouse Wall – after a full 3 minute approach! After this warm-up route, we crossed the wash to the Children’s Crag. We were now in the shade (luckily for Kurt, who came away with nicely burned patches on his calves from climbing Birdland yesterday and missing a few spots with the sunscreen) and were somewhat sheltered from the blustery wind. We did a sweet crack climb called Peaches. After that we top-roped some slab climbs - one of which was established by Lynn Hill in 1981 - using smears and truly delicate balance climbing for the first time all week. What variety here!

Classic Red Rock climbing.

The climbing that we did today proves that Red Rock has single pitch routes that compliment its classic multi-pitch adventures. Red Rock has beautiful scenery, short approaches, slabs, cracks, no crowds, and long multi-pitch routes . . . there is SO much here to climb!

I wish I wasn’t flying back tomorrow, but I have to get back in time for my first marathon this weekend (the inaugural Bellingham Marathon). I am definietly already planning my next trip back to Red Rock. This week has been a blessing to me because it has been the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. I feel glad that I’ve been able to take this trip now before my marathon; instead of obsessing about my marathon all week, I’ve been climbing and relaxing while still being active. If anyone has any first marathon pointers, feel free to send them my way as I am very nervous!

Like I said, it was a tad bit windy...

So it’s our last night in Vegas, and I’m going to go bury my departure sorrows in a plate full of buffet food. Kurt and I have built up a healthy appetite from all of this great climbing!


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Ooh it does look mighty windy. Hold on tight!