Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to get you stoked!

Ahoy Weekend Warriors!

This weeks videos are dedicated to the epic amount of snow that has recently dumped in the Sierras.  I don't know if you've heard but they were blessed with a bountiful amount of the white stuff, sending throngs of snow-starved skiers and boarders into the mountains to get their powder fix.  So sit back, relax and be prepared to be transported to a winter wonderland!

The first video is for all you snowboarders out there.  Don't let the 5 minute length deter you from checking this one out.  Hang in there and watch these guys cruise some incredible me, it is well worth it!

The second video we've got for you should make any tele-skiers mouth begin to water.   So many much beautiful!!!

The final video is for anyone who, like me, is stuck behind a desk all week.  I've come up with a new technique to help satiate that powder hunger that always seems to come near the end of the week.  First, set up a big fan by your computer.  Second, lean way in towards the screen.  Third, put on your ski goggles. Lastly, watch this video (full screen) and be prepared to find yourself cruisin' the pow with the Pointer Sisters blasting on your iPod.

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