Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend Warrior -- Videos to get you stoked for Red Rocks!

Hola Weekend Warriors,

In case you didn't notice in the title of this weekends edition of Weekend Warrior but it is all about Red Rock!  The time of year is once again upon us for the famous and much anticipated Red Rock Rendezvous.  This wild and crazy climbing festival is coming up next weekend on March 20 - 22 and I hope some of you can join us there.  For those unfamiliar with the event you can check out the website here.  I've chosen this weeks videos to give you a  little taste of what the Rendezvous is like.

Here is a compilation of footage from Red Rock Rendezvous 2007.   Look like a great time huh?  Lots of great climbing, delicious food, interesting people, beer...what more could you ask for?

And now some footage from the 2008 festival.  You know, I've always heard that the Rendezvous is a lot like a fine gets better and better every year.  I wonder how 2009 is going to  be?  Only one way to find out...

The final video is a showcase of one of the more popular routes at Red Rock Canyon, the famous (or infamous if you hate chimneys) Epinephrine.  At about 15 pitches this 5.9 is guaranteed to give you a full day of adventure and fun.

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Spencer Janke said...

This is so sweet, Up here in good old Salt Lake City, we are starting to melt a little, the rock should be good soon. Enjoy everyone these videos were awesome.