Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rules of Ice Climbing: A Trip to Hyalite Canyon

I'm not a cold-weather person. You've probably heard this before. I'm a desert person. I like Red Rock. I don't even own a down jacket.

But, this Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to branch out a little. After a 12-hour white-knuckle drive in horrible road conditions, climbing everything a reasonable distance away from the parking lot in five days with seven other guys, I now know and respect the five rules of ice climbing:

1) Look good.
2) Don't fall.
3) Don't fall. (This is important.)
4) Saying you can climbing something is just as good as actually climbing it.
5) Take lots of pictures.

In honor of Rule #5, here is a photo essay trip report.

 Guidebooks are a must!

 We spent some time dreaming about things we can't quite do yet. 

 Heels down! Trust your feet.

Climbing until it's dark is a must. 

 Sometimes you have to slog to get to where you want to go.

 I learned something very important on this trip: I have very poor circulation in my feet. I still can't quite feel my big toes.

 Lastly, I'd like to add my own rule:

6) Never turn down a top-rope. There is no shame in top-roping.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip a blast. 

--Dyan Padagas, Program Coordinator

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