Friday, May 27, 2011

Placing Cams - SLCDs

The Canadian Guide, Mike Barter, posted the following two videos on youtube about placing cams.

In the first video Mike, his wife and his young daughter talk about cams while hanging out at a swimming pool in Spain. The banter between them about cam placements is quite good...but it sounds like some of his regular viewers gave him a hard time about it and told him that he needed to be in front of a rock wall.

In the second video, Mike talks about cams at a crag.

While watching these videos, it's important to understand that placing cams is an art. And before you trust your life to them, the best thing that you could do is to take a class in order to learn how to place them properly.

--Jason D. Martin


Unknown said...

Another great video worth the price of what? Free!! Thanks. Don't listen to the haters that complain if you are not drinking PBR ! The only comment I have is where Mike talks about buying some rigid Friends and drilling them to thread cordage through. Number one I would not drill holes into the shaft (*snicker*) of my pro. I would save for newer wired cams or get some tricams for the horizontal placements.

Just my thoughts, keep it up! said...

The cams come predrilled. I wouldn't suggest anybody make such a modification unless they really know what they are doing.
The Mike