Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Climbing with Kids is Great!

 A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to observe Single Pitch Instructor Candidates work with three kids.  The kids were ages seven, nine and twelve, and were extremely excited about climbing.

Following is a photo essay of our day out:

Ethan, working on his belay techniques.

Ethan, helping his little sister Ella, tie-in.

Ella, ready to make it happen!

Ella, cranking on low-fifth terrain.

Ella, on her way down.

Ethan, belaying his sister.

Single Pitch Instructor, Ryan, working with Ethan.

Ryan, working with Ethan on rappel.

Ethan, rapping.

Rebbeca, on rappel!

Twelve-year old Rebecca, cranking on 5.10c.

This was a very cool experience for the SPI Candidates to have. Many people who work in the single pitch discipline work with kids a great deal, so it was a grand experience for them to work with these awesome kids.

At the end of the day, the kids were happy and five new individuals had passed their AMGA Single Pitch Instructor exam.

--Jason D. Martin


Anonymous said...

Was that an improvised body harness made with some webbing? Good idea.

Jason Martin said...


Just the chest harness. Generally, anybody without defined hips should be wearing a chest harness. There are two groups that fall into that category. The first is small children and the second are people who are significantly overweight...


Anonymous said...

Good job everyone, take kids climbing

Anonymous said...

The kids love seeing themselves online! Thanks again Jason! Great times!
-Jeff (Ethan, Ella and Rebecca's proud dad)