Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mountain Conditions 5/2/12


Highway 20: Follow the progress of snow clearance for re-opening.

Falcon Closures:

Leavenworth: Midnight and Noontime Rocks closed April 1 - July 31 for raptor nesting.
I-90 Corridor
Statewide Updates compiled by Alasdair Turner: (Thanks Alasdair!)

Gold Bar Climbing Access: As of Winter 2012 the Washington Climbers Coalition (WCC) has secured access to the gate on the road which leads up to the Gold Bar boulders and the approach to Zeke’s Wall. Climbers who are members of the WCC are welcome to climb at the Gold Bar Boulders and to park there for access to Zeke’s Wall, as guests of the Manke Timber Company. Please note: all climbers using this road must be members of the WCC and have a WCC sticker as well as a valid Discover Pass.


    Denali National Park: the road is now open to the Teklanika River Rest Area at Mile 30.


    Mammoth Lakes Road Clearance Update:

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    -- The late exit and overnight permit number for Red Rock Canyon is 702-515-5050. If there is any chance that you will be inside the park after closing, be sure to call this number so that you don't get a ticket.

    --The scenic drive currently opens its gates at 6 in the morning.




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