Friday, October 26, 2012

American Alpine Institute Has a New Website

We like to keep AAI's blog focused on subject matter that interests climbers in general, but sometimes we just have to toot our own horn.

After a couple years of effort and a few false starts, we have a new website, published on a new domain that we hope is going to make us easier to find on the web.  Our new site is Come visit us!

The new site has a number of features that should make it easier and more fun to use:

  • iPhone and mobile-friendly design
  • A top-level navigation menu that breaks down our programs into a logical hierarchy
  • A "Program Finder" to help narrow your searches
  • Facebook and Twitter buttons so you can recommend our programs to your friends

The new site also features some new and expanded program areas:

  • Skills Expeditions   These expeditions are designed to beef up expedition skills for those with limited climbing experience. While most of these expeditions are based on trips we've been running for years, we've tweaked the curriculum to pack more instruction into the itineraries, guaranteeing a better experience for beginners and a more valuable skill refresher for established climbers.
  • Expanded Technical Rescue Program   For years we've offered technical rescue for independent climbers and guides. Our new offerings include professional-level instruction compliant with National Fire Protection Association standards, appropriate for EMT's, mountain rescue service members, and parks workers.
  • Expanded Programs for Outdoor Educators   In addition to the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course and Exam, we're now offering the Leave No Trace Trainer program.  Our comprehensive Mountaineering Instructor Program is the most complete course of study available to prepare for the AMGA certification track.

We went live on Tuesday, October 23, and so far, no glitches!  Our web developers, Mindfly Web Studio in Bellingham, did a great job.  We've worked with them since about 2001, and they have always given us excellent, expert, professional service.  Thanks to Rusty, Heather, and the whole Mindfly team!

Come see the new site, and if you feel like it ... no pressure ... "like" a program page or two.

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