Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Red Rock Rendezvous - April 5-7, 2013

The American Alpine Institute will be a primary sponsor of the 9th Annual Red Rock Rendezvous in Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas. This will be the seventh time that our guides will be involved, teaching clinics and partying alongside everyone else at the event.

This year our guides will be running multi-pitch climbing trips throughout the event and beginner climbing days on the 30th. They will also be teaching a variety of programs on the proceeding days.

If you have never attended a Red Rock Rendezvous before, you are missing out. This is considered by many to be the best climbing event of the year. Everybody meets in the desert for three days of climbing instruction, clinics, food, and fun. It's a great place to rub elbows with the biggest names in climbing. But it is also a great place to just sit back and soak up climbing culture. Following is a video that was made at last year's event:

Every year the event just gets better and I have to say that last year's was the most fun so far. Here is a blog with a number of photos and videos from the 2012 Red Rock Rendezvous.

Major climbing athletes make their way out to the Mojave Desert for the Rendezvous every year. Big names at the event include the likes of Beth Rodden, Peter Croft, Katie Brown, and Andreas Marin. But some of our best guides will also be on hand. These include people like Mike Powers, Kurt Hicks, Richard Riquelme, Alasdair Turner, Ian McEleney, Paul Rosser, Ben Traxler, Mike Pond, Chad Cochran, Andrew Yasso, Erin Smart, Dustin Byrne, Ben Gardner, Tad McCrea, Doug Foust, Quino Gonzalez, James Pierson, Mark Cionek.

AAI Guides at Red Rock Rendezvous

Following is a quick breakdown of everything that is happening:

March 25-March 28 - Basic Rock Camp
March 30-April 2 - Big Wall and Aid Climbing
April 1-April 4 - Basic Rock Camp
April 1-April 3 - AMGA Single Pitch Instructor
April 1-April 4 - Learn to Lead
April 5-April 7 - Red Rock Rendezvous
April 8-April 11 - Basic Rock Camp
April 8-April 11 - Learn to Lead
April 9-April 10 - Single Pitch Instructor Exam

In addition to all of the courses going on around Red Rock Rendezvous, don't forget that AAI will have all of our best guides available for private guiding and instruction in Red Rock Canyon. To learn more, send us an email at info@alpineinstitute.com or give us a call at 360-671-1505.

--Jason D. Martin


Brian Hudson said...

Hi, what is the general length of the multipitch routes you plan on guiding? Whole routes or just a few pitches at the bottom?

Jason Martin said...

We will be doing 3-4 pitch routes near the Red Rock Rendezvous home base at Spring Mountain Ranch. So they will be full routes, but as we have to cycle through two groups during the day, they will be half-day routes.