Friday, December 6, 2013

Ice Screw Testing in Europe

A small crew in Europe went out to test ice screws and v-threads The following video is one of those "breaking gear" type videos that we occasionally post. This one is well worth watching.

I was surprised to learn that the v-threads that they placed were weaker than the screws. I had always thought that a v-thread was stronger because it involved more surface area. This series of tests found that screws and v-threads fail in a similar way, but that screws were ultimately stronger.

--Jason D. Martin

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Unknown said...

It is an interesting video and reinforces the importance of proper placement in quality ice. The only issue with the method of testing is the slow pull of using a hydraulic ram. The v-thread was also tested in a horizontal fashion where other tests have shown vertical placement being stronger, especially when webbing is used.

After reading tests and videos like this I trust ice protection more than when I started and was instructed to place screws in an upward fashion and 'don't fall'.