Friday, April 17, 2015

Red Rock Rendezvous Round-Up - 2015

For those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time, it's likely that you already know what I'm about to say...

This year was the best Red Rock Rendezvous ever!

I know. I know.

I say that every year. And last year in particular was crazy fun. But beyond all expectations, this year's event managed to beat out last years.

What can I say?
  1. The athletes and guides were awesome.
  2. There wasn't a wisp of wind.
  3. It was 80-degrees every day. 
  4. There were awesome clinics.
  5. There were awesome games at the sponsor booths and parties.
  6. There was a spectacular dyno comp.
  7. There were great performances by bands and even a crazy karaoke guy.
It was awesome...!

Check out the photo essay below, and click on photos to enlarge.

 A group of excited participants on a bus headed out to the crags.

Sameer and AAI Program Coordinator Lily Hickenbottom at the AAI Booth. 

Climbers enjoying the desert sandstone at a beginner clinic. 

AAI Guide Alasdair Turner teaches rock rescue. 

AAI Guide Chad Cochran teaches rescue techniques. 

A participant works through his rescue skills. 

A tent city in front of the Red Rock Escarpment. 

The Red Rock Rendezvous poster signed by the athletes and guides. 

Just another pushup contest. They were everywhere this year. 


Rope Coiling Contests! 

The Dyno Comp! 

Yours truly getting ready to do battle with AAI Guide Tad McCrea in a pseudo sumo matchup.

 Tad won...several times...


Doyle Wheeler, the social media manager at the event, brought a drone and got this picture.

 Rappel Practice!

AAI Family Photo 
From left to right, back row: Shelby Carpenter, Mike Pond, Jeremy Devine, Chad Chochran, 
Aiden Loehr,Zach Lovell, Lily Hickenbottom, Andy Stephen, Jared Drapala, Ben Traxler, Aili 
Farquar, Tad McCrea, Doug Foust, James Pierson, Jason Martin. Front row, left to right: Jim 
Mediatore, Quino Gonzalez, Richard Riquelme, Mike Powers, Dustin Byrne, Ian McEleney, 
Andrew Yasso, and Angela Seidling.

Here's a comprehensive photo album from the event, shot by Eric Odenthal. He is a waaaayyyy beter photographer than I am and his photo album really gives you a great taste of the event!

And here is a video from my favorite part of the whole event this year, a crazy Karaoke guy brought in by New Belgium Brewery.

--Jason D. Martin

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