Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Clark County Sues Save Red Rock!

The American Alpine Institute just received this email from Save Red Rock. We have donated to this cause. Please consider doing the same!

Dear Friends,
If you've heard the news, it feels like Red Rock Canyon is under attack. For over a decade, housing developer Jim Rhodes has been trying to build a city of more than 5000 homes and businesses in rural Red Rock. Last week, Clark County shockingly sued Save Red Rock, seeking to bar consideration of anyone’s concerns about this concept plan and invalidate it's own Planning Commission’s unanimous denial of it.

If Clark County wins the lawsuit, it will open the door for Rhodes to build his new city, bring massive amounts of traffic to Red Rock, and ruin the peaceful experience. Red Rock needs your support. Any amount helps. Together we can stand strong and bright like this rock against the storm over the canyon.

Save Red Rock is fighting to be able to continue to work together with all parties towards a solution that would preserve the rural character of the canyon. A rural rights preservation solution would respect the developer’s property rights to the rural zoning that he bought, respect the citizens’ rights to the public process, and respect the commissioners’ rights to vote on whether or not a zone change to a higher density is appropriate for the area.

The county lawsuit claims that an old 2011 development plan that expired in 2014, didn’t expire, and therefore, the new 2016 plan cannot be heard and none of these rights considered. You can find the official lawsuit document, the developer's concept plans, news clippings, etc. on

You can also find lots of good news - all the successes and protective laws that your support has helped Save Red Rock secure over the years in Red Rock Canyon.  We appreciate all your support.
Thank you so much.  Together we stand, solid as a rock, Red Rock!

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