Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Where the Wild Things Keep Playing

In 2017, Outdoor Research produced a YouTube video entitled, Where the Wild Things Play. In the video, a couple of outdoorsy bros are sitting at the bar drinking beer. One of them asks where all the ladies are. From there, they cut to a series of awesome women getting after it in the outdoors, on bikes, skis, climbing, etc. It was a great video and was well received.

Recently, OR followed up with a second video. Where the Wild Things Keep Playing continues where the other video left off. But the big difference in this second video is that there are a lot more "normal" women. Yes, there are some base jumping and drytooling, but there are also some that are climbing in an indoor gym or running on a trail. Regardless, the whole thing is inspirational and well-worth a watch...

--Jason D. Martin

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