Friday, December 31, 2021

How to Remove Your Skins with Your Skis On

The first time I saw someone remove their skins without removing their skis, I remember being flabbergasted. My first thought was, "that was awesome." It is incredibly efficient to remove your skins without taking off your skis, but it takes some practice.

In the following video World Cup Ski Mountaineering Racer Melanie Bernier demos a few easy techniques that will help with quick skin removal.

--Jason D. Martin


Kaleb said...

Hey Jason,

Do you have any tips for twisting the heel piece while staying in your bindings?

Some of my friends have the heel piece they can turn with their poles but with my Dynafit Radical ST bindings I have to do some yoga moves to reach and turn the heel and get myself into some awkward/uncomfortable positions. Once my heel is in I find I can pull the skins with the techniques shown!


Jason Martin said...


I don't have that kind of binding. I'll ask some of our ski guides and then get back to you...